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At the present stage of development of rehabilitation, a rule of "golden standard" has been formed in which effective assistance to patients with impaired function of the neuromuscular system and the musculoskeletal system is possible if two conditions are met: long-term rehabilitation at the hospital and post-hospital stages using robotic complexes and a rational combination of therapeutic techniques.

Despite the proven effectiveness and high need for practical health care in rehabilitation robots, their use is not an obligatory attribute. The main reasons for this dissonance are economic inaccessibility, and the functional limitations of available technologies.

We created Kinidex company with a unique package of patented technologies that define new approaches in the robotic rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the neuromuscular system.

I sincerely hope that the long experience of my team will allow us to take a fresh look at the horizon of the possibilities of modern rehabilitation. Our goal is the availability of robotic rehabilitation for every patient in need.

With respect, the author of the technology "TRiNiTi" Vladislav Lukashevich

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Our innovation is the technology of affordable rehabilitation "TRiNiTi". This technology in a single ecosystem unites the patient, the program of personalized adaptive kinesitherapy and Kinidex exercise machine. Kinidex is designed to restore motor disorders in neurorehabilitation, traumatology, orthopedics, pediatrics and sports medicine .

Adaptive kinesitherapy is a method of robotic rehabilitation of patients with coordination-motor disorders aimed at restoration and programming of images of habitual movements.

The mechanism of adaptive kinesitherapy is based on methodical programming of images of habitual movements through corrective influence on the vestibular, proprioceptive and visual sensory systems. Optimization of the vestibular system is achieved through the methods of static and dynamic verticalization. Stimulation proprioception is provided by the method of mechanotherapy with multiple training options and methodological repetition of limb displacements in all physiological directions. An open visual field allows to memorize the visual images of the trained movements.

Technical And Rehabilitation Opportunities Of "TRiNiTi" Technology
Function Description
personalized rehab programs 33
basic exercises 25
basic techniques 7
verticalization incomplete / complete / dynamic
mechanotherapy gravitational / with slip / with displacement
coordination training support function training / tempo-rhythm correction
active movement are possible as a support for passive movement
number of training modes 20
drive patterns linear /intermittent /growing /damped /combined
difficulty levels 4
limb displacement amplitude up to 1,5 m.
limb displacement speed adjustable up to 25 cm / s.
human biomechanics simulation all the main directions
limb rotations simulation internal / external
flexion and extension joints simulation shoulder / elbow / wrist / hip / knee / ankle
adduce simulation in joints shoulder / hip
foot position setting extension position with adjustable rotation
simulation of the common center of mass displacement in directions dorsal / ventral / lateral
fixing feet against the support surface without fixation / with one foot fixation / with two feet fixation
simulation of shoulder girdle displacements ventral / dorsal / cranial / caudal
clinical applications flaccid paresis / spastic paresis / contracture / ataxia / akinetic, rigid and trembling syndromes
functionality training of upper and lower limbs
complex synkinesis simulation upper limbs / lower limbs / one upper and one lower limb
complex movements simulation multiphase movements of one limb
Suspension system / versions modular, flexible, universal modules for upper and lower extremities / adult - children
modules of the suspension system trunk fixation, upper and lower extremities
automated systems patient lifting and limbs driving
control / data channel remote /bluetooth
control module / OS tablet 7˝ /android
training load control interactive model with training protocol
software interface intuitive
age / height / weight / preparation time for patient training from 1 year / up to 205 cm / up to 140 kg / up to 10 minutes
bandwidth up to 15 patients a day